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Over a decade of Title IX , Section 504, and Equity experience to help your college, university, or K-12 institution meet its compliance obligations.

  • Compliance Programs: Creating or strengthening offices and programs responsible for compliance efforts.; Title IX, Section 504, and Equity office assessment, design, and implementation (more here).

  • Investigations: Prompt, thorough, and impartial investigations of allegations of discrimination and misconduct based on sex, gender, race, religion, disability, national origin, age, etc.

  • Hearing Officer & Hearing Panel Support: Serving as hearing officer for panels; specialized support, guidance, and training for Title IX hearings, including managing requirements of Title IX/Section 504 regulations.

  • Training and Certifications: Practical and customized seminars for students, parents, employees, investigators, hearing panelists, advisors, and Title IX /Section 504 coordinators; certifications for Title IX/ Section 504 Coordinators and investigators.

  • Support & Interim Coverage: Helping schools attract and retain Title IX and Section 504 Coordinators; interim coverage services; coaching for Title IX/Civil Rights investigators and coordinators; supporting Title IX and Section 504 office effectiveness.

  • Audits: Compliance reviews for the Title IX, Section 504, and equity offices, athletic departments, student conduct, campus police, and administration.

  • Mediation: Independent mediation services to facilitate an informal resolution of Title IX, Section 504, and equity matters.

  • Policies: Written to reflect each school's unique community and comply with state and federal laws.

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