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Helping your people and community thrive.

Business People Applauding

  • Compliance Programs: Creating or strengthening offices and programs responsible for compliance and anti-discrimination and harassment efforts; HR, Title IX, Section 504, and EEO/Equity office assessment, design, and implementation ( more here).

  • Support: Coaching, mentoring, and advice for your senior leadership, managers, HR, Title IX, and Equity/EEO professionals.​

  • Audit and action: Assessing and strengthening offices, inter-organizational relationships, and systems; creating strategies to strengthen and enhance communications and collaboration.

  • Retention: Supporting organizational efforts to attract and retain employees, including Title IX/Section 504 coordinators and equity professionals. 

  • Culture: Helping your organization create, strengthen, and define its institutional culture and improve compliance and community experience; using organizational culture to attract and retain quality employees and community members.

  • Strategy: Developing equity, anti-harassment, and HR strategies, processes, and programs to hire better, improve compliance, and foster more inclusive environments for all community members.

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